Which SSL product to purchase for Exchange 2010 Server


I am planning to purchase a SSL from cocmodo for our new Exchange 2010 deplyment, but I am little confused with so many products being offered, what is right product to purchase for my scenaraio?
I have Exchnage only and no Lync. Should I go for UCC or a wild card certificate (too expensive!!!). Please help

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Hello qrecit. Welcome to the COMODO Forums.

Purchase WILDCARD if you want to secure multiple sub-domains (more info).
Purchase UCC if you want to secure MS Exchange 2007/2010 and Office Communications Server 2007 (more info).

If you have further questions, please let us know.


I just want to secure our exchange server i.e autodiscover.mydomian.com and mail.mydomain.com

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You have two names you want to cover so an Essential of Instant SSL certificate won’t do it.

The next step up is the UCC cert- don’t let the references to Lync confuse you, at the end of the day it’s a multi name cert and you have multi names.

UCC will do it, since its made specially for Exchange Servers.
But allow me to remind you that WILDCARD is also your option.