Which registry keys, folders etc. to exclude monitoring in uninstall programs?

Hi guys,

3rd party uninstallers like total uninstall or advanced uninstaller pro monitors changes in registry and on disk. To prevent any errors it would be nice to exclude registry keys files/folders used by Comodo firewall pro from monitoring or at least those that might be modified during normal usage/installation of new programs and during an reboot after install.

The easy way would be just disabling CFP during installation, but this will also disables protection, and since there are a few installers that needs restart CFP need to be disabled during reboot too. I would prefer the protection by CFP during install and without causing any errors in a later uninstall.

You can assign the predefined policy ‘Installer or Updater’ to an installation program.

HKLM/System/Software/Comodo is were it stores it config.

Thanks for the quick reply, is this the only place in the registry that might change during normal use and boot?

Does Comodo store any information in any other folder than these (if no install directory has been changed, and C:\ is the partition where CFP and windows is installed to):

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\comodo
C:\Documents and Settings\%user name%\Application Data\Comodo
C:\Documents and Settings\%user name%\Local settings\Application Data\Comodo

Is this folder for temporary usage by CFP during normal operation and should I exclude that too:

C:\Documents and Settings\%user name%\Local settings\Temp\comodo

Sorry I cannot help you any more maybe one of the moderators might be able to help you further.

Another addition to the folders used by CFP:


In “My protected registry keys” in the defense+ tab this keys (using wildcard “*”) are under “COMODO keys”: