Which processes are running?

My specs:
Win XP SP3 (Yes, I’m aware it’s no longer updated. Let’s not get into that.)
BitDefender A-V
latst Comodo Free Firewall (don’t see a v. #)
MBAM, runs only on demand
MalwareBytes Anti-Exploit, running with Firefox in the background

I installed Comodo a few weeks ago, and as I already have an A-V, I wanted only the Firewall and Sandbox, but background malware defense is an option only if it’s compatible with Anti-Exploit. I’ve turned off Viruscope after reading your article on its possible uselessness.

I have a good-sized tech knowledge, been computing 20 years, although I don’t program. I’ve combed through your guides, but they’re more than I want right now, TMI.

I have these processes running in Task Manager, and I’m not sure if I’ve turned on exactly what I require: I’ll ask about some pane settings when I know I’ve chosen the right components:
cistray.exe (I know what this is)

Perhaps this helps? https://forums.comodo.com/install-setup-configuration-faq-cis/what-are-all-different-processes-in-cis-v6v7v8-t94906.0.html

Thanks, that’s great!

What’s the difference between the Sandbox and a Virtualized Application? I’ve already run the Sandbox once. I just ran VD to see what it was, and I’m not using it, but Task Mger won’t let me shut it down.

The sandbox has different “modes”, it could use virtualization or it could use restrictions, so there’s no difference between the sandbox and virtualized applications, a virtualized application is sandboxed. There is however the virtual environment called Virtual Desktop with essentially gives a graphical environment for virtualized applications. When applications are sandboxed fully virtualized the process cmdvirth.exe will be active, if Virtual Desktop is also used then VirtKiosk.exe will also be active. VirtKiosk.exe should shut down whenever you exit the Virtual Desktop, cmdvirth.exe will stay active even after all virtualized applications have been closed, most likely CIS self-defense is blocking Task Manager from terminating its process. To kill cmdvirth.exe you could reset the sandbox, please note that this will delete all data from virtualized applications as well as all applications that were installed inside the sandbox.