Which PDF reader?

Hi guys, we believe it is important for us to provide you with a PDF reader. We want to partner with a company that our users use and trust for pdf. Pls suggest which PDF reader we should be partnering with.

This PDF reader must be secure, easy to use and provide high performance.

thanks for your help!


I just use the built-in Chrome PDF Viewer… however I try to avoid .pdf files, I don’t trust them…

Foxit or Sumatra. Sumatra is open source, so you may have more opportunity to co-brand it.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I say foxit, but whatever comodo chooses it should have a virtual printer :-La

What is a secure PDF-reader? One that offers “security” by disabling most features, or one that tries to be feature complete and secure? The first approach is the easy path, and there are lots of such simple viewers. The latter approach is a big challange, and the application would probably have to be built like Adobe Reader 10+, with a highly restricted sandbox.

That’s what security is for, making it possible to use/run/view stuff without having to trust it. :wink:

+1 for sumatra pdf

So what is comodo going to do with a pdf reader? Just make a secure one?

Adobe Reader or make your own? 88)

Nitro Reader :slight_smile:

PDF-XChange Viewer, created by Tracker software products. :-TU
Functional, reliable, instant opening, fast updates, configurable options and installations, handles extremely large documents with no lag.
What more could you want in a PDF reader/viewer?
One of the best viewers IMHO
Edit: Also forgot to mention safe and secure, including some useful customizable security options. (Thanks to SanyaIV for the reminder) :slight_smile:

Security? :stuck_out_tongue:

Any good PDF reader with no Ads, non-functional features, other craps, etc…

Why not make your own?

Comodo ZIP software would be good too.

I believe it is also safe and secure, thank you for jolting my memory. :wink:
I have edited my above post.

Thank you.

I’ve used Foxit and PDF-XChange. I like them both.

Foxit :-La

I agree with this choice. I use it and it has all the features of Adobe but in a much lighter package.

I also like PDF-XChange Viewer.

It’s not as light as Foxit or Sumatra, but it’s still lighter than Acrobat. I’ve used both Foxit and Sumatra, and Sumatra PDF’s always looked blurry to me. Foxit rendered better, but was still missing some features. PDF-XChange Viewer is quick, full-featured, and the PDF’s look great. :-TU

I would say PDF-XChange Viewer. ;D

Just make any PDF viewer big and busloads of security bugs will be found and it will become the new darling of the dark side. :wink:

I would like to vote for a PDF viewer not written in C++ but in a more stable language… (:NRD)