Which one You Recommend for Basic Security??

Free Zonealarm Firewall + Free Avast 5


Comodo Firewall + Comodo Antivirus ( D+ & SB Disabled)

Plzz no comments on D+ & SB power. Only plain simple answer, which one you recommend for basic security??


Neither. I’d run Comodo Firewall with Avast 5 Free.

Basic security, you say? Hm. I’d use neither setup because they both require proper configurations before working at their full potential. While I might add that Comodo firewall’s easy enough, the defense + certainly isn’t. Avast on the other hand is to be further configure as the default settings are not as strong as a properly configured avast, even if you were to say it’s only for basic protection. For ZoneAlarms, this thread has always been of much help: http://forums.zonealarm.com/showthread.php?t=51000

I recommend instead Microsoft Security Essentials coupled with a few less complicated firewalls such as GhostWall, PC Tools Firewall, and if you’re on Win7, the very basic windows firewall. :a0

For instance?


Can’t quote. Says verification failed. :o

Hm. It’s been a while since I last used Avast!. It was Avast Internet Security 5. I actually had quite a bad experience with it. Internet slowed down. I had to manually allow all the needed programs. I suppose you have to do this all the time for every firewall, but I never really had to configure Comodo Firewall to allow internet explorer, svchost, safari, chrome, and firefox.

When you scan, you might want to check if it would also scan for PUA’s. The default was no, it won’t scan for PUA’s. Also, to avoid delays when working because the services had not yet been loaded before avast, you have to tick the box that said “load avast after…” something like that. You’d also have to turn off windows firewall yourself. I didn’t want to know what would happen if i run two firewalls :o.

You might also want to put it into silent mode.The talking lady suddenly announcing that the database has been updated kinda surprises me all the time. Oh and you’d want to set the sensitivity to medium instead of low. I got infected though I don’t know how (yes, I did make sure I browsed and used my PC safely). The low sensitivity was the default. It didn’t detect the virus. The high sensitivity did. Well, that’s just about everything I could remember. :-\ Be adding more if I’d remember anything else.

One of the comments is very self-speaking

Basic security, you say? Hm. I'd use neither setup because they both require proper configurations before working at their full potential

Isn’t there some contradiction in terms between “basic security” and "proper configuration (…) full potential?

Wouldn’t we need, before answering such a question (or at least trying), to define what “basic security” is?

Basic for what and for whom?
Because it is badly written?
Because it does not alert?
Because it is supposed to work “out of the box”?
Because it doesn’t need any user’s “skill” or “knowledge”?

On a larger point of view, security is mostly related to the user’s behavior: there shall be a world of difference between the “basic security” needs of the guy using is computer for “basic” surf and mail (the threat here with every firewall or so and no av at all is epsilon) and the next one using instant messenging, p2p, security dangerous sites (warez, porn…).

AIS has a silent mode that will decide that for you. You must have changed to “Ask” mode, otherwise you wouldn’t seeing popups.

PUPs aren’t malware. Are potential unwanted programs: if you installed it intentionally, you can use it with safe. This does not reduce the protection. PUPs are “whitelisted”.

Only will change the service order loading and will (in some cases) improve the boot.
You’re not less protected because of that. Protection at this time is given by the driver, already loaded.

The same goes with Comodo Firewall. Windows firewall is compatible with both. Also, it’s recommended as Comodo Firewall does not protect the IPv6 protocol.

Ok, but this does not have anything related to protection itself. It’s a program/user configuration.

This will increase the number of possible false positives. But, indeed, you can set there. avast gives the possibility. Other antivirus just do not offer control for the user…



Hm. Never thought of that. ;D Really learned a lot today. Thanks for the info.

Oh yeah, almost forgot. Brucine is correct. I suppose what is basic for me is differs in basic for others. O0 :-TU thanks for pointing that out.

Thanxx frds for replying. What I meant was out of the 2 options which one is better with default settings from security point of view. Actually my bro and few frds are too novice and they only want FW & AV. So I have installed Zonealarm & Avast on their system coz I find this setup good for novices. Zonealarm doesn’t popup too much and the latest version also features automatic mode and Avast a good protection with very few FP’s.

I find Comodo FW & AV also good and most important they are in suite so no prob of compatibility issues between them. As you guyz know FW & AV from different vendors can have compatibility issues between them with any update or upgrade. And lately I have read in the forums here that Comodo AV has improved a lot and now is on par with free AV like Avast. And with cloud in the V5 it is even more better.

So I asked which setup you recommend??


If that’s the case, I vote for the second setup: Comodo AV and FW. Mainly because I don’t know how to use Avast!. lol :smiley: Seriously though, I’d vote for the second because of the support and the fast updates of the av.

I’d install Comodo Firewall with Avast Free. There are no known compatibility issues between them.

In fact many people on the forum use this combination. Comodo Antivirus is good, but it hasn’t been properly tested, yet.

I would install Comodo Firewall + Comodo AV or Comodo Firewall + Avast 5 AV free. I have used ZoneAlarm Internet Security on one of my other computers for years and love ZA products. But when I have used ZoneAlarm Firewall free + Avast 5 free I have found they conflict, causing slow downs and crashes (Maybe things are different now) If I use ZoneAlarm Firewall, which is a good firewall, I always install Avira AntiVir free. Let me know if ZoneAlarm Firewall free + Avast 5 AV works for you. Thanks.

If you’re looking for a complete solution, all in one, suite, go for Comodo Internet Security.
If you’re looking for a combo, go for Comodo Firewall (and Defense+) and avast antivirus free.

Yes its working fine on WIN 7 64 BITS & it worked fine on WIN XP SP3 32 BITS but now on XP I am trying CIS 5 SUITE, its good but still I find few probs for Average Users in terms of Usability.


I class myself as an average user and using CIS v5 complete, I’ll admit it may not be the easiest to use but I like it and have learnt a lot from these forums. I have used Avast in the past but Avast v5 did have considerable slowdowns including opening the GUI on my computer, to a point that in my opinion it possibly had a compatability issue with my system. Running XP. Kind regards

I would say ZA-firewall and Avast if you want basic and (more)simple. But if you’re the type that wants to learn and explore then CIS is my recommendation.


I too think the same.