Which New Comodo Product?

I’m soon to rebuild my XP and a windows7 PC.

Currently use:
Comodo Firewall Pro (

  • yes I skipped the upgrade to Comodo Internet Security, put it in the ‘do it later’ basket!!

I see the latest (free) Comodo products are Comodo Internet Security (April 12, 2010) and a NEW Comodo Firewall (April 12, 2010).

I want to keep using the Firewall and Defense+ etc. features of CFP, so what upgrade path should I take…

  • Upgrade CFP to CF - is this a simple process or does it require an uninstall of CFP then install CF?
  • Migrate to CIS (without the Antivirus option) - is it a simple process to uninstall CFP then install CIS?

Are there any instructions or tutorials at comodo.com relating to the above issues?


CIS without the antivirus is the same as Comodo Firewall.

The download link for Comodo Firewall will direct you to the same file as for CIS.

I would advise uninstalling your version of Comodo Firewall and then installing the new one. During this time you should enable Windows Firewall. I’d also advise switching the configuration for the new one to proactive security as the default is a bit weak. Disable Windows Firewall after Comodo Firewall is installed.

As to the new Sandbox feature you can enable it or not. It’s up to you. A quick search of the Comodo forum should give you enough information to make up your mind about this. In fact this might be a great spot to start:
Read through the entire topic and you should understand the Sandbox.

If you need any more information please ask.

Thanks for share()

Thanks Chiron for your response.

Re. “uninstalling then install” - when I ‘Check for updates’, yes updates are available, clicking Next starts an ‘Installing updates’ process.
Should I continue with this update process, or uninstall-install as you advise?

Re. “enable "Windows Firewall” - Can I uninstall-install off-line ie. without being connected to the internet or do I need to have an active internet connection for the install process?

As for Sandbox, I’ll need more time to digest this.

I do not believe that there is a way to upgrade to the newest version through the internal update. This requires the uninstall-install.

I don’t think you need an internet connection to install. If you find you do then you can just enable Windows Firewall and then continue.

Understood, I don’t even understand this completely myself. I keep enabling it and then changing my mind and disabling it. It really depends on how you want to use this product.

I’m glad I’m not the only one who has done this. :wink:

Dalmation…Just read up on it and continue to ask questions. That’s basically what all of us are doing. :slight_smile: