Which is the Most Secure Web Browser?


Recently I saw an article with Title “Which is the Most Secure Web Browser?” and CD was compared as well

Some of the features I like about Aviator is …

Aviator comes with Disconnect to remove ads and tracking Aviator is always in private mode Each tab is sandboxed (a sandbox provides controls to help prevent one program from making changes to others, or to your environment) We strip out referring URLs across domains to protect your privacy Flash and Java are click-to-play – greatly reducing the risk of drive-by downloads We block access to websites behind your firewall to prevent Intranet hacking

Requesting members to share their comments and thoughts on this secure Browser comparison


Did it installed fine for you?

I tried it on Win 7 64 but the install gave error about aviatorupdate file in appdata couldn’t be accessed. I manually accessed that file & tried running it & got the same error. I checked AV, nothing was blocked. I tried disabling AV & also tried running the installer as admin but same error.

Any info?

There was a thread posted last June about Aviator Browser.

Some forum member found it to be too buggy then. I have not tried it myself !

I may say that if we take the question in a logical way, Firefox is probably the most secure web browser as it’s 100% open source, so it’s probably more difficult to add malicious piece of code into something that’s open source.
now that’s a personal idea. but I don’t know other browser where you can access the whole code source, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist but i just don’t know other 100% open.
Chromium is a project code source and it seems to be open if I don’t say stupidities, but they do not compile it.
lot of teams use this code source to code their own browser but none of them are 100% open source.
If i’m wrong, please share your infos,
share infos, help people was The internet first utility at the beginning, we see how it’s now in year 2015… I don’t recognize a lot what I discovered 20 years before.
hopefully, we can still find forums or irc chans that kept this attitude.
(will not say comodo or i’ll be classified as a fanatic user without any objectivity… :slight_smile: but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s true, well true from what I saw until I joined this place by the end of 2007).