Which is the most appropriate FW policy for Offline Explorer?

I mean Metaproducts Offline Explorer

Is it “Web Browser” or do I miss something?

Any idea?

My first PC ( Windows 95 and a 33.6k modem 88) ) had a similar program bundled free with it, but you had to subscribe and received a cd from the maker once a month with THEIR selection of websites :-[.

From what I can see, with this one, you set it up to download the newest version of the page/s whilst connected to the internet and then when you are offline, you can view the pages within their program and ‘browser’.

With today’s fast internet, always on, unlimited downloads I could see it being useful only for on a laptop that may not have an internet connection whilst you’re commuting, but want to catch-up with your favorite sites.

As for firewall settings, the pages are stored within the program and so your current firewall settings should be sufficient when the PC/Laptop is connected to the internet :slight_smile:

So, the predefined “Web Browser” policy is the most appropriate?

Obviously the program requires access to the internet so will need to be allowed through your firewall, but as you ‘dictate’ which websites the program ‘downloads’ it is your own personal judgement as to if the site is safe or not !

If anything ‘unscrupulous’ is attempted to be downloaded, this should be detected by your anti-virus and / or D+ in CIS :-TU