which is the good free firewall except comodo firewall?

i want to know which free firewall is good except comodo firewall. any suggestions please

i do not know if comodo firewall is good but i have confidence in cis even if i do not like game mode.
few best firewall : armor , zonealarm, privatefirewall and another …
how can you prove which is the best ? …

Have a look at http://www.matousec.com/projects/proactive-security-challenge-64/#firewalls-ratings for a comparison of about 40 firewalls, both free and commercial.

yes but zonealarm & armor are recommended from almost every site … Why ?

zonealarm = very good reputation (false !)
armor (stopped - i did not know it was an outdated product)
(happy to know that privatefirewall is one of the best - my last choice before i take cis -)

comodo is the winner :
Comodo Internet Security Premium 6.3.297838.2953 with excellent 97% score

Comodo FW and Online Armor FW are up there on a league of their own

Best firewalls without Comodo :
1- Online Armor ,but is not support virtual mechan AND does not support keylogger in win8.1
3-Outpost not free but But there is a program to offer free IN the link :

i have the same opinion but matousec is not agree …

i have not try this one : http://www.agnitum.com/
this link is for 6 languages english deutch french polski russian magyar

unfortunatelly i do not write&read russian _ahmad


link free suite :
free.agnitum.com (deutch/english)
or click product then outpost security suite free

Except Comodo Firewall, a good firewall is Comodo Firewall 5.10 ;D

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