Which is the dreaded telemetry sending process on Windows 10?

Any idea about which is the dreaded telemetry-sending process in Windows 10? Is it wermgr.exe? Or any other one on this list (seems Microsoft doesn’t like to answer concrete questions like that one):


Do you want to block telemetry process?
You can download the attached file from attachment and add it to your Comodo Firewall Web Filter rules as “blocked”

[attachment deleted by admin]

Thanks, I’ll add that to the “hardware” firewall. But I hear this doesn’t always work as IPs are hardcoded in some of those Windows processes, thus bypassing the DNS settings.
So which (I assume .exe file) is it then?

There are som eoptions to block telemtry. Some homemade tools exist.
I saw an example yesterday from SpyBot. They are more trusted than other tools
Please check : Download Spybot Anti-Beacon - MajorGeeks

On a related note - which is the process responsible for Windows updates? Namely, if I click on Check for Updates, it doesn’t trigger any prompt from Comodo (also, Windows updates seems to do it automatically anyway because the current date is always listed at last check). Is it done through svchost.exe?