which is a good free vpn?

can someone tell me which free vpn software is the best? (except hotspot shield, spot flux and safe ip)

My advice is here. Let me know if you have any questions.


i did not find this link helpful , if you know some other free vpn software then inform me.

Can you please let me know exactly what it is you’re looking for?

Also, did you also follow my suggestion to check through the VPN’s referenced on this page?


i want a free vpn that works like hotspot shield or spot flux. yes i followed your suggestion and i got a free vpn that is security kiss(something like this name) but that free version vpn has a limit.

they do not keep log :wink: fast and secure http://www.vpnbook.com/

thanks but i don’t want to make an account to use free vpn. i want something like hotspot shield vpn or spot flux vpn where i dont need to creat an account to use these products. just install and connect with net that`s all.

then use spotflux it is the best for your demands ???

CyberGhost VPN :slight_smile: But you have a limit in a free version :slight_smile: