Which IP address?

I am confused about which IP addresses should be set for using the DNS service.

I am using CAV and opted for the auto config DNS, also use Icedragon and did not select that at the time of install, some while earlier to installing CAV.

The IPV4 DNS on my laptop set are and

Elsewhere on Comodo it indicates the alternate server should be not, how so?

What is the correct one for maximum security and fallback for a laptop user travelling alot? Why are there two different recommendations?

Thanks for advice.

By the way, what about V6, it seems that is disabled? Does Comodo DNS not use IP V6? If it does, what are the settings…however I am more conncerned about IP v4 above, thanks.

The address is the newer version of SecureDNS that as far as I’m aware is still in beta.

The address is for the older version of SecureDNS.

CIS will install this way so if there is a problem with the newer service, the older service will act as a backup.

If you look at the SecureDNS webpage, it will tell you to use both addresses for the new SecureDNS. Why this is different than which servers are used if you have CIS change the addresses, I have no idea.

I would use and just for the redundancy in case the newer service has an issue.

Excellent, thanks. Any suggestions for IP v6 settings?