Which interface to use with a media server?

Hi all, been a long time user of Comodo. I did a system rebuild and installed 5.x CIS I had on my hard drive. CIS then ugraded itself to 6.x.

My problem is that I run a media server and no way could it stream to the TV. The TV could see the server, the TV could navigate the directory tree of the PC, it just wouldn’t stream.

I tried four diffferent media servers and none worked.

I also disabled everything, BB, Sand box, HIPS AV FW and still couldn’t stream. I then quit CIS altogether and it still wouldn’t stream.

I uninstalled CIS and it worked. What’s the story?

I did notice a number of interfaces available if I wanted to force one but seeing the TV could connect I though it was fine.

I love the product, maybe getting a little too complicated but still. I mean I turn off HIPS, BB and Sandbox. I just use DF+ FW and AV.

Help please.

Welcome to the forum.

Would you mind telling us which media server you wish to use please. Also:

a. May I assume, when you say “ICS”, you actually mean CIS and not Internet Connection Sharing?
b. When you say “a number of interfaces available” can you explain what you’re referring to.

Wow what a silly typo. Yes I meant CIS in all instances. Sorry about that.

Regarding the interfaces, there are

“Intel Pro/100 Server Adaptor-WFD Lightweight Filter-0000”
“Intel Pro/100 Server Adaptor on”
WAN miniport of a few types.

And although I can’t remember now what they were, some Comodo driver interfaces.

The thing that bugs me is the TV could see and navigate the media server, it just couldn’t stream.

Also just as a side note, some about bound connections which should have popped up permit/deny alerts didn’t. And I have Make auto rules off.

Never had problems like this with 5.x or CIS

Perhaps the easiest way of dealing with this, bearing in mind the demands of a media server, is to use either training mode or Custom Ruleset mode. With former, it’s a question of placing the firewall in training mode, doing all the things you need and then turning training mode off. With the latter, you have to interact with the firewall alerts, which, if combined with setting the Alert frequency to high or very high, can be quite numerous. Either way, you’ll need to access firewall settings and choose the options you desire. See the image.

One other consideration, if you’re using Windows 7 or 8 and you’re using Homegroups for media sharing, you’ll need to make sure you enable IPv6 filtering in the firewall, as Homegroups are dependant on this.

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Thanks Radaghast.

So I just installed the latest versionof CIS.

Bog standard install. Selected Training as suggested and it’s still no go. I then activated Firewall and not Internet Security at which time multiple alerts popped up. I okayed about 9 of them and still it doesn’t stream.

Thing is if I disable everything or even exit the programme via the icon it still won’t stream!!

Not sure what this install is doing, but something if it’s supposed to be plug and play is stuffed.

Trying 5.10 and see what happens.

Can you tell me which media server you’re using please.

Hi. I’m using Universal Media Server. I also tried PS3 Media Server, Serviio and another. All failed to stream.

I dropped back to 5.12.256 and it working fine. SOMETHING is busted about 6.x

Also just as feedback. As a customer I don’t want or need half the stuff you put into these products. I want a FW and AV. Def+ is okay as well, but the rest I just turn off.

Ok, I’ll take a look at Universal and let you know.

I dropped back to 5.12.256 and it working fine. SOMETHING is busted about 6.x


Also just as feedback. As a customer I don't want or need half the stuff you put into these products. I want a FW and AV. Def+ is okay as well, but the rest I just turn off.

I actually have nothing to do with Comodo, I’m just a user like you. I also agree completely. Also, I only use the firewall and I use 5.10 because I don’t like version 6.

I’ve attached the rules created after installing Serviio - all applications of the same kind will require similar rules - and then streaming a movie. I’ve removed other rules for the sake of clarity. Basically, you have two parts to the rules, the outbound and the inbound. Take a look at the image and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask.

Just a thought. You might want to make the top two rules for the ServiioService.exe TCP or UDP as opposed to one of the other.

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