Which free download manager ?

I was using Internet Download Manager (IDM) but its trial finished :frowning: I do not want pay for it.
which download manager can I use for free or open source ?

btw most important point I want…“download with IDM” button I want this button on Youtube and the other video pages… it can download videos…and it must be worked with Chrome or Chromium based browser (like CD)


Have used a lot o them and there is no one working 100%.

The best option for me now is Real Downloader , its work with Internet Explorer & that best part of that is - every video or music will be downloaded. You just go with the mouse over the movie and a button arears . After the program start dowloading you can even switch off the browser and the download works to the end

Or you can use Torch browser is a Chromium based browser with some good staff.http://www.torchbrowser.com/

Torch is a powerful, dynamic and unique browser that offers a cutting edge experience together with built-in media downloading and social features. With Torch, users can share anything through their Facebook and Twitter accounts directly from the browser. The Torch media downloader is the perfect solution for those who enjoy online video and audio files, and want to save them to their computer in just one click! Torch’s special security features help to ensure that your browsing and media activities stay safe and secure. The new Drag & Drop feature lets you search, share, and translate with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, Google Translate, YouTube, and more in one click.

you can use free download manager it is free. and it has many features. i am using it since 4 years. 8)

thanks for the suggestion downloading now :-TU after trying this I will write here my experience about Torch

I see that but it is not clear like IDM and only work with FF and CID, I want to use my download manager in Chromıum, too :-\ but thanks for FDM suggestion :-TU

I did not like Torch sorry because its downloads not very fast :-TD cause of this no need the new browser for this. it mşight be secure and safe but I m using CID and CD anyway (:KWL)

I found an add-on for firefox to download videos while I am searching…
VideoDownloadHelper ( Video DownloadHelper – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US) )
it catch videos but downloading is slow, too :frowning:

when turn on Icedragon as default browser…FDM seems to be the best choice :slight_smile: it is not very professional I think but it does its job as fast as IDM…

Thanks for recommends guys :-TU

a problem ??? I cannot use FDM add-on in CID ? it works in FF but not in CID ? what can I do ?

(:WAV) maybe that will help


No thanks I want to use this in right way :-TU

i am using Fdm with Firefox and i don’t have any idea that ice dragon will work with Fdm or not, because i don’t use ice dragon. :slight_smile:

FDM finished its setup after that I opened FF and FDM add-on appear to download… :slight_smile: but when I opened CID this stuation did not happen ??

There’s downthemall for firefox, flashget, axel, DAP and eagle get.


personally, I use Axel, Prozilla, DownThemAll! and/or FreeDownloadManager. But I think DAP and eagle get look decent. I’ve tried them both, and they’re quite fast, but doesn’t feel quite as fast. Well, you be the judge of that. :smiley:

there you have a a couple of programs you can ckeck


thanx friends I decide to use FDM in FF and decide to use DownThemAll in CID :-TU it will be the best way for me

FDM works with FF and it does not work with CID 8)

You have any suggestion for my Chrome browser ?

yes i have a suggestion for you
you can use FDM with chrome but to use for FDM you need to do few settings changes with FDM. like first you need to go to the FDM setting option 2)go to settings 3)go to monitoring (there you will get many option for different type of browsers just click on the box next to the google chrome and press ok button then you will see a massage that ( you will need to provide administration permission to enable/disable monitoring) just click ok.

Note. FDM will work with chrome but some times FDM will not work with chrome so if you always need to download something then use FF whenever chrome will not work with FDM. this way i use FDM since 4 years.
i hope it will help you. 8)

thanks S.sarkar it really works :-TU

you are welcome. i am happy to help you :a0