Which Comodo system tray icon was better?

I liked the system tray icon of the old Comodo Firewall version 2.4 (:CLP)
Watching the red and green arrows pass each other against the black backdrop was neat.
It was the best firewall icon, even my children liked it. (:LOV)

The new version 3.0 system tray icon for the Comodo Firewall is a poor replacement. (:SAD)
It just looks messy, especially when red/green ticks appear as traffic comes in/ goes out.


I second this motion, Though they are working on bug fixes before cosmetic issues.

I don’t care about looks. But ya I agree that, 2.4’s system tray icon was better, and a little good looks don’t hurt.

yes, i agree. Whilst it is nice that it changes on amount of traffic, its a poor design.


I agree. I really dislike the new system tray icon for v3.

To me the new one is useless and very annoying because it is hard to see the Green an Red arrows compared with the old one which was nice, simple and very useful.

Is there any setting to switch back to the old icon?


BTW, I like the new one better because it’s more meaningful (but also not as clear as the old one)

I’m on my own here but I actually prefer the new icon :). I felt the old one (although clearer) just didn’t fit in / look right with the other icons in the system tray (I guess it depends on what you are running :slight_smile: and personal taste).


Edit: ^_^. I can’t read :’( (missed your post Soyabeaner)

Any artists out there? The skin tool should work on the system tray icon (:LOV)

With traffic, the 3.0 icon is the ugliest of all on me systray, especially since I run at 1600x1200.

It stinks most majorly. :-TD

I run 1680 x 1050. We don’t have to take our shirts off. It’s an icon, not the end of the world. That’s why there’s a skinning tool.

Like I told my wife when I removed my mother-in-law’s picture from above the tv and threw it in the incinerator:
“If I didn’t have to look at it every single day…”. :’(

Also unsure why you brought up your own resolution since 1600x1200 has 9% more pixels, so your icon is still larger; if you ran at a higher resolution, that would have been a different story.


I’ve looked at the Skinning Tool. This would be useful if I could get a copy of the old V2 System tray icons?

Might this help?

[attachment deleted by admin]

Thanks! I’ll try them.

I totally disagree with some of comments and ranting above, I like v.3 icon in try very much, its great…

I think the v3 icon is better than v2.4. The old one always looked a bit “toy-ish” to me.

You’re no longer alone,I prefer the new icon too! (:LGH)

Edit: I can’t read either. (:LGH)

Hmmm… I hadn’t really noticed the change, but I do remember the old icon now you mention it. I have to say both icons did the job and look great to me!


Maybe a nice new combination of the best bits of both icons would be a good skin idea…
As with anything concerning computer interfaces, there are always 2 camps on everything, nobody is ever fully satisfied it seems (:WIN)

I always have to wonder why so many old timers take the beautiful Vista Aero interface (even XP’s was pretty nice when it came out), and slap W95/98’s ugly, drab brownish grey color scheme and boxy style onto it…blecccchhhhh! Color and style vs square and drab…hmmm…I’ll take option #1 every time.

I’d actually really like to see some skinners work on CFP and maybe have a forum section for them to post their work onto for others to see and/or d’load.