which comodo firewall files to copy since I'm doing a format

I’m formatting my hard drive and would like to know which comodo firewall files to copy so I don’t have to make my reinstallation of commodo [after the format] have to learn again everything i have ‘taught’ it.

thank you


Welcome. :slight_smile:

You configuration is not stored in the COMODO files, it’s stored in the registry.

Comodo allows you to export your current configuration and import it later on:

Open Up CIS > Miscellaneous > Manage My Configurations > Export > (Save config file to safe location)
After your format and reinstall of CIS,
Go to Misc > Manage My Configurations > Import > (Choose Saved Config in the location you saved it) and then go to Manage my Config > Select and select the config you just imported. Reboot.


Thanks a mil

BTW the exported file has no extension. Should I give it one? and if yes which please.

thanks again

No need to give a file extension. I save and import with an extension without a glitch.

If you give it a file extension, CIS will most likely not recognize it anymore. Never had a problem with any of the few import/exports I’ve done. :slight_smile:

Thanks ye all.
I now consider this matter closed.