which car is the most secure?

As we all know comodo is the best security for computers.
but i know this is a million miles off topic but which car would you consider the most secure.
I consider VOLVO the most secure.
Ive always driven the volvo car and consider them the most secure and most reliable.
Any thoughts on this please folks?

kind regards. :comodorocks: :THNK

Altough i also drive a Volvo (if not safe, at least very old and still very reliable), a car is the safest until you get killed, exactly like a security software is the best until you get infected.

The world we live in is not made of “black and white” or “worst and best”, but of something always in the middle of these extremes.

My written off 2001 Ford Fiesta ;D It’s too damaged to drive, by law has to be crushed and has nothing inside to steal! No one will want to touch it, how much more secure can you get :stuck_out_tongue:

hahahaha agreed.i wouldnt touch a ford fiesta if it was straight from the showroom.lol