Which Beta Version?

I installed COMODO AntiVirus Beta 1.1 yesterday.

The Product Information states:

  • Build Version
  • Virus Database Version
  • Allow DB Version

thats the main test one if you want you can check out the beta in the forum hich is newer but far less stable

i think beta 2 is much more stable than 1 try it

The latest Beta is very stable - on my system it is certainly much better than version1.1. Virus detection rate, from what I can glean from the forums, is much improved also.

The HIPS that is included in the latest beta is excellent and I have found it, as a bonus, can be used as a great learning tool. You too may find it useful to see which files are opening at various times, particularly as your pc boots up or you access the internet.

If you want to take a risk on a beta version then this one is well worth the effort and I firmly believe that this antivirus product will develop into the best available. Have a good read of the posts in the beta section before you try the beta though - then at least you will know what you are getting yourself into!