Which 3rd Party BlackLists does Comodo Secure DNS Use

In this topic we were informed that Comodo Web Inspector uses PhishTank as part of its check to see whether websites are dangerous or not. That is good. I also believe that sites found dangerous by Web Inspector will be fed into the blacklist for Comodo Secure DNS.

However, I went to PhishTank and went to a site which was verified as a phish 3 days ago. I was able to go to that page without receiving a warning from Comodo Secure DNS, which is enabled. I then went to Web Inspector and had it scan the link. It came up as suspicious with one of the reasons being that it was flagged as phishing through PhishTank.

My question is why was this site not blocked by Comodo Secure DNS? Are 3rd party blacklists not being used to power Comodo Secure DNS in real-time?

Any clarification on these points would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

yes,it is interesting. i want to know too

Is WebInspector databases used by Comodo Secure DNS?


I tried many of those sites using Norton DNS, SecureDNS and OpenDNS and had the same result as you did with Comodo DNS. ???

is the database ment to be fed to secure dns in realtime or no

a very good and very important question, but yet to answered. I appreciate that it’s free, but to use it effectively, its users’ deserve to understand its protocols and operation. Certainly, a little more detailed faq about its operation might even lessen your ticket and support load–a win for you and a win for the users. (I’m sticking my neck out here, but it may be that the comodo dns server is operated by a 3rd party, and comodo can’t answer this question, i.e., they simply don’t know. If so, just state it and we’ll be forever silent on this topic)

Secure DNS is owned by Comodo and is a free service. Comodo also has paid DNS services Premium DNS from DNS.com .

In 2011 Comodo acquired DNS.com: Comodo Secures the Future of DNS with Launch of Authoritative DNS Service.

May be a paid product suits your needs better.

Comodo DNS take malware urls from others than Web Inspector?.


Who is going to pay for a service when their free service doesn’t even work properly? The answer should be nobody and in regards to Comodo DNS being free, so are a lot of other DNS providers so that’s irrelevant.

Why do you say that Comodo DNS doesnt work properly?.

I would expect the products from Secure DNS and Premier DNS to be different.