Wheres the new update?

hmm…isnt the time now?

can admins tell me what exact time the update will be released?

you mean this?

untick the “antivirus” part when you’re installing if you want the Firewall part only :■■■■

thanks …but this is not what i want…
i mean…the update they said to be realeased today…
to fix that 64bit bug that i…and other users mentioned in bug section…

Hi dmc3

I was one of those waiting for this update to fix a bug and this is how you have to do it.
Download the CIS as Ganda Almighty linked you to, then save your current settings and uninstall CFP. Reboot and then install CIS, you can install just the firewall if you want, which is what I did, and then after the reboot you can import your old settings into this new version.
Now to get today’s update, for some reason the Update function in the firewall settings (Misc tab) didn’t find the update for me, but on a reboot the Update balloon popup appeared in the tray and clicking that installed the update for me. The bug I was having trouble with was fixed with this one…“CFP crashes when clicking the process to bring up it’s properties page” bug.

Hope this helps!
I know it’s not great having to uninstall and reinstall but this was quick, simple and painless to do. Less than 15 minutes for me.


finally :slight_smile:
i got the update now…

erm…i dont need to reinstall it…i just click the update button and it shows it has new updates :BNC