Where's My Thread?

A day before yesterday I created a thread named “Test” in this thread. It was about a Fake AV infected the system testing with CIS. Other details I had mentioned in my post. Now the thread is not there???

Looks like it was merged with this thread: https://forums.comodo.com/news-announcements-feedback-cis/cis-certifications-test-results-reviews-t61263.1380.html starting on page 93

Why was it merged? Thats a different discussion & unrelated to my post. Plzz seperate my thread again.

I don’t know, I’m not a mod I just found it by accident. ???

i didnt merge your post. yes your post is related that whole thread is dedicated to testing results. thats exactly what your post was about testing cis

That thread is about how CIS fared in a test.

I posted coz a fake AV got installed & I wasn’t able to check if partial limited was bypassed or malware was whitelisted coz fake AV didn’t allowed me to do anything.

I posted to know what happened & any one can test.

So I think my post doesn’t belong there. But now it doesn’t matter as I tested again & found its a signed fake AV trusted by Comodo & posted the details there.

if that was your intention you should posted it here, Leak Testing/Attacks/Vulnerability Research. Naren you have been on these forums longer than i have i think you know where post belong by now.

I put it there as it seemed the appropriate place for a test.

I split and merged two posts about Naren’s test in the other topic.

I will lock it now. It has served it’s purpose.