Where's My Certificate

Windows XP Home / Outlook Express 6

I requested a secure email certificate, received the email (using OE6) and clicked the link within.
“Attempting to collect and install your free certificate” is followed by a pop-up that indicates that I should back up the certificate or similar.

No certificates are listed when I try to view them in OE6.

What did I miss?

You must export them from IE6 I believe (don’t remember exact steps). Instructions should be included with the e-mail or the address the link takes you to.

Thanks for the reply.

From Secure Email Certificate Support page:

"After enrolling for your Secure Email Certificate you will be sent an email from Comodo Security Services containing a button. Follow the instructions within the email and click the button named “Collect & Install Certificate”.

Your Certificate will then be automatically placed into the Certificate store on your computer.

Please select your email software from the below list for help configuring and using your Secure Email Certificate:

* Outlook Express 5 & 6 (PC)
* Outlook 98 & 2000
* Outlook 2003
* Mozilla Thunderbird"

I clicked the link in the email that says “Click & Install Comodo Email Certificate” (Not “Collect & Install Certificate” as indicated in the help page, since that didn’t exist)
My browser goes to the website that indicates “Attempting to collect and install your Free Certificate” followed by
a pop-up that says “Your personal certificate has been installed. You should keep a backup copy of this certificate.”

From Configuring and using your Secure Email Certificate Outlook Express 5 & 6 (PC):

"Installing and Using your Secure Email Certificate with Outlook Express 5 & 6 (PC)

Assigning your Certificate to your email account:

  1. Open Outlook Express
  2. Select Tools from menu
  3. Select Accounts from drop down menu
  4. In dialog box that appears select Mail then select your relevant email account
  5. Click Properties
  6. Click the Security tab
  7. Click Select Signing Cert. From the popup Certificate store box locate and select your Secure Email Certificate."

The popup Certificate store box is empty. Where is my certificate?


Please open Internet Explorer and go to internet options, go to content, then click Certificates. If needed make sure the Personal tab is selected. Your certificate if successfully collected should be there.


P.S. I’ve added a screenshot for reference, I am using Internet Explorer 7 in this screenshot so what you see may be slightly different from what you may have on your computer.

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Thanks again for getting back to me.

As in your screenshot, my list of certificates is empty so therefore I must assume it wasn’t successfully collected.
(Screen capture included for verification)


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Hey Mike,

Sorry for the late reply, have been very busy (exam time). If that is the case, I would like you to apply again, once you receive the e-mail click the collection link and allow the ActiveX control, and click yes on any notifications that popup.

After, you should get a popup which says collection successful. You can look at my screenshots for reference if you like.

NOTE: You must use the same browser to collect the certificate that you used to apply for the certificate.

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Upon applying again, I am told “A Secure Email Certificate has already been issued for this Email Address!”

Image attached.


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OK, I figured it out. I was using different browsers. All set and ready to encrypt stuff now.

Thanks for your “help” anyway. You can go home now.

Having almost the same problem as Mrbun. Downloaded the certificate (on the same browser), then went to Mozilla Thunderbird and chose Tools->Options->Advanced->Certificates.
Selected View Certificates and there’s lots of them, including five from COMODO. None of them seem to be mine.

Went to Run → certmgr.msc and looked all over. Found nothing that looked like what I requested.

Back to Mozilla Thunderbird. Tried Your certificates - empty, but clicked the Import button which gave a standard XP file dialog pointing into My Documents directory looking for PKCS12 files. There are none.

Any Ideas?


Please submit the ticket in the following link

I appear to have the same problem as everybody else, I seem unable to find the certificate so when I send an e-mail I’m told there is no encryption, most certificate has been found, so I try to reinstall and am told that I already have a certificate. Am I the only one to think that I’m going round in circles.

I use Mozilla Firefox, and onchecking TOOLS-OPTIONS-ADVANCED-I have at long last found my certificate that this doesn’t mean I can use it.

Can anybody help before I go insane.

Hi Malc,

Check the certificate in Firefox by the information in the link

Did you assign the certificate in your mail client? If not assign the certificate and retry to use the certificate.

Hi Malc,

If you still find any problem, please submit the ticket in the following link

One of our representative will respond to your query