Where to download [Resolved]

I have several order confirmations and keys seems like all is needed for Personal Firewall, Anitvirus, AntiSpam … ohhhh guess I need the links to download/install the actual programs…

Or does Comodo simply collect email addresss ???

Perhaps I am too stupid but sheese guys EVERY download link takes me to a registration page to submit my email address…


You must submit your name, and e-mail address then the download will begin, they will then e-mail you the confirmation, and the product key. Comodo does this so they can keep track of how many people have downloaded their product.

Well that is not entirely the situation. I’ve registrered twice for the backup to download, but still don’t have backup on my PC. After registration I was taken back to the submit form. I don’t have a response from the team on my request for a direct download link…


You can download Comodo Backup at www.download.com


and you can download the firewall by clicking my signature banner… :wink:

I should have thought about that myself… :-\

No problem, glad I could be of assistance.

G’Day folks,

I’ve been reading the forums and have been trying to download the Latest Beta CAV. Unfortunately everytime I click on a link to download the files, I get an error page. Is there a place where we can download the latest versions in beta?

Sorry if it was posted somewhere, but I didn’t find the correct one?

Thank you…

The latest CAVS can be found in the Beta corner of forums here: https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/board,61.0.html

Beta is the latest beta as of 18th Jan 2007