Where to add a Firewall Rule?

Hi, I want to host a temp game server but im not sure where to add a firewall rule? I have been thinking about adding them under Global Rules but im not sure if thats the right thing to do?

For inbound connections, you will need to both allow them in the global rules (if they would otherwise be blocked there) and in the applicaiton rules. You can browse the forum to see questions and answers on how some games have been set up. :slight_smile:

Hi i wanted to host LockOn server but CPF 3.0 is not allowing TCP inbound connections to port 10030 if im not mistaken i think thats the right port… so what now? Do i have firts to add a firewall rule to Global Rules then to Network Security Policy under/LockOn.exe=rules?
Allow\Protocol:TCP inbound /source port any/ destination port single 10030???

Yes, you need to add an allow rule like that under Lockon application. And if your global rules have a “block all inbound”, you also need to add the allow rule to the global rules ahead of the block all inbound.