Where the CTM snapshot is stored?

I am using Comodo Time Machine (v 2.8.155286.178) on Win7 ultimate 32-bit. I installed CTM at E:\Program Files and I protected C:\ (system) drive and E:\ drive. I want to know where the snapshot is stored actually?
a. Is it in the CTM installation dir?
b. In each respective protected drive?
c. In C:\ only

Also, can I change the snapshot storage location of CTM?

Thank in advance.


Anindya Chatterjee

The snapshots are stored in the free space (sectors of the harddisk) of the protected disks.
CTM is NOT a backup tool. The snapshots aren’t files in your disk.
CTM is a system restore feature. The snapshots are just a map of the disk state.
You can’t change this.


Thank you for explaining. Can you please indicate how CTM ( or same functionality as Rollback Rx ) works and restores.


Interesting reading: http://whatsonmypc.wordpress.com/2010/03/13/comodo-time-machine/
The snapshots are a map of the disk state, i.e., a map (not the files themselves like a backup) of where is everything in your disk. Restore a snapshot is coming back to that particular situation of your disk.

Thank you but it is not what i want know. In other words, i want know why CTM is able to restore files although it do not back-up files on disks before ?

Because it restores the disk state. The binary information of the disk surface, the sectors. The snapshot saves the information of the disk, not the files itself. The software does not know what a sector is (a file, a directory, whatever…), it just save the info in that place.

Thank you. It’s really usefully.

You’re welcome trinhanhngoc. Feel free to come back any time you need help or just to change experiences 8)

Thank you this was very informative.

I did not understand this as well but now i do thank you now i can understand why defrag and wiping disk free space should not be attempted until the product is un-installed.

You’re welcome Paul54-Roffo.