Where is v3 final?

As said. I’m curious about, when the final v.3 of the firewall are released? Anyone knows?


This information has currently not yet been announced, however when it is you can check this topic and it should be there.

no official date has been announced
Could be sooner could be later. (:AGY)

but it is sure to come out sooner or later (:WIN)
Sorry I could not give a better answer


O.k. Thanks guys!

I guess I have to be patient for a while longer then (:SAD)

I want my CFP3 (:WIN)

sorry couldn’t help it

Still waiting


I can’t give an exact answer, but I’d guess December if we’re lucky, else it’ll be in the end of February/beginning of March.
BETA-testing is a very important stage, so it’s best not to make haste.



Agree. I’m with you on that.

Better delayed but as perfect as humanly possible, than a rushed production complete with its collection of bugs.

Take your time.

We’re impatient, but not that impatient :wink:

I found were Melih “Did” give a time frame for the release of Comodo Firewall Pro 3.0 !

Although I have found normally, release dates are subject to change and usually weeks later than planned.

In the last 5 weeks I have noticed 1 or 2 items discussed, that the Comodo Team may want to resolve before this release, and another comment were Melih metioned that it would be included in a later release.

Oh were I found the time frame, in the radio presentation Melih did on the Computer America Talk Show. I pasted a link to it in Melih’s Corner.

Oh Melih, how many of those pens do you still have? Knowing Comodo’s strive for excellence, I am sure those pens were a lot better than a bic and wrote better than a G2. Promotional Pens need to keep the cost down considering your coverage area “The World” (:HUG)

If you have any extra’s keep me in mind :BNC But they probably are all GONE as Collectors Items (:KWL)