Where is the virtual sandbox folder?

Not the shared space for virtual desktop.

Eh? You mean where the sandboxed data is stored? C:\VTRoot in that case. If that’s not what you meant then I have no idea what you’re looking for. =S

If something in the virtual sandbox is creating a save file. Where is it?
VTroot does not contain it.

Hi clockwork,
Some operating system vary for what you can see in the VTRoot folder with different settings.
Vista: Check ‘Show hidden files and folders’ to see the user profile folders etc in VTRoot.
Win 7: Check ‘Show hidden files and folders’ and also using caution uncheckHide protected operating system files’ to see user profile folders etc in VTRoot.

Kind regards.

In xp i allways had hidden folders and protected files shown.
In win 7 its ugly with the last.

Wouldnt it be good if sandboxed folders still were shown by show hidden folders alone?

Yes agreed and to be consistent across all operating systems. :slight_smile:

I kind of remember some inconsistencies across Windows 7 systems in regards to the requirement of the setting mentioned in my previous post to see the entire VTRoot folder.
The inconsistent behaviour might have some relation to certain system permission settings maybe. :-\