Where is the firewall?

I go to check for a new version and there is none. I thought it was supposedly coming out the 18th?

Which is better - deliver according to a schedule or deliver according to quality?

I know which I’d prefer.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Good point puffs bubble pipe


you’re probably right, however, I would have gone to bed and enjoyed quality sleep if I’d have known it earlier… :THNK

Harry (:NRD)

One way to make the time fly, I suppose. LOL

I’m starting a raffle. Send me a dollar with your guess as to the time and date the update is released and the closest guess wins the pot! :BNC

I wonder what would happen if Microsoft wouldn’t allow themselves to release windows95 with those scanner BSOD problems (:WIN)… Not knowing any release dates make us a bit confused regarding CPF :-. Of course, i know they’re working hardly on the release we’re just confused and will be VERY happy when we’ll have our hands on the final product.