where is the exception list of defense+ ??


before beginning i precise i have unsinstalled the antivirus component from the CIS, disabled the HIPS and the auto-sandboxing (by the right-clic menu of the tray icon).

i just downloaded wpe pro, a sniffer tool, when i launched it (with the sand box mode), a popup displayed and tells it has blocked the .exe file and put it in quarantine…

1st question why Defense+ have done this? i remind the hips and auto-sandbox are disabled…

so i clicked to the blocked apps list and restored it in choosing to add an exception for this file.

2nd question where can i see this exception rule?


an other question.
i just noticed in the history events that this was detected by defense+ and antivirus

3rd question, the antivirus was supposed to be uninstalled, so why does it act???

Even though you uninstalled the AV component, CFW still has cloud AV.

lol when it’s out, there is still more.

and how can i disable the cloud av?

thank you. found it

but in the submitted files it doesn’t appear.

and i want to delete the exception, where can i found this exception list?

If (suspicious) file is not found then
else .

Problem is that the Antivirus category in the advanced settings do not exist when one has uninstalled the AV component which results in no way to get to the exclusion list, even though the Cloud AV is still present.

Oh, Sorry-- That’s odd. Did not knew that.

@ahahah, if you do not find a solution please create a bug report.

Or at least that was the case when I last tested CFW (no CAV) which was the previous version of CIS 7, maybe they fixed it in the latest version but I doubt it.

sanya is right. the antivirus section doesn’t exist any more. :-\