Where is offline installer???

I want to download the latest comodo firewall, but can not find offline installer. This used to be in “News/Announcements”, but now there is nothing. BTW, the new web is terrible!

BTW Why you don’t like web installer? It’s almost the same as offline (in case of user expirience) - may be the problem on PCs without networking. Otherwise, it seems to be better - it will always download the latest version, is light (without 100 MB bundle - Comodo Dragon, GeekBuddy, which won’t be downloaded if you don’t want to).

Exactly because of that.

Comodo is switching to this new installer so that no matter when you install or where you get the installer, you will always install the latest version.
No more issues with installers found on third party sites not having the latest release.

Well, I’m not sure that’s correct…
First, I installed CFW, then I removed it to install the new build 6092. Since I had problems with that build, I removed it, I downloaded the installer of build 6086 and I re-installed it.
So, the installer for build 6086 installed the build 6086, not the latest build 6092

I had a few times problem with the latest comodo software, and had to roll back. And never downloaded installer anywhere else, so I do not think your argument about 3rd party sites is valid. On the other side, I could name a few advantages of offline installer too.

Anyway, I do not like that “WE know what is better for YOU” attitude, I prefer having free choice. If Comodo is going to switch to hard line, maybe it’s time to look somewhere else…

This was requested by users for a long time : [ Create An Optional Online Installer [M962] ].
Also, link to offline installer is available in release topic. Again, it was requested by users.

Could you point me to the exact location??? I found this release announcement (imho should be sticky, at least for the latest one, not buried deep somewhere in the “news”) and checked all 18 pages of it, but did not find any valid link to offline installer:

Sure. :slight_smile:

All I see is offline installer for CIS Premium. Could you please help me with offline installer for Comodo Firewall?

There’s only a difference in the configuration script and installer is pretty much the same if I remember correctly. Use link to above installer, go to Control Panel & change components.

Hope it helps.