Where is my Cert.

Since all reviews point to Comodo’s email Certificate I am back to trying to use it again. Obviously I do not know how to apply it to my email. I have gone through the process to apply for it. It tells me that a email will be sent. I still have not received a email to collect it. So I tried to reapply for my certificate again. This time it tells me that one has already been issued. So I am confused again. Where is this certificate? Is it in my computer. There are none listed to apply

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Here’s what worked for me:

To install the certificate you must use the browser you used to apply for the certificate. I’ll assume you’re using firefox in this case. If you’re getting a message saying a cert has already been issued then it might be in your certificate store already. In firefox go to Tools > Options > Advanced Tab > Encryption tab. Click “View Certificates”. If it is there it should be listed under the “Your Certificates” tab. To verify: click on a certificate then click “view”. Click the details tab at the top. Under “Certificate Fields” scroll down and click on “Subject”. Your email address should be listed on the first line under “Field Value”

To install the certificate using Outlook 2007: Click “Backup” in the Certificate Manager in Firefox. Select a location to back the file up to (such as the desktop) and follow the prompts. In Outlook Click Tools > Trust Center > Email Security > Import/Export… Make sure “Import existing Digital ID from a file” is selected. Browse to the file location on the desktop, enter your password, and enter a name for the certificate. Click ok. Your certificate should be ready to use.

To use the certificate in Outlook 2007: Create a new email message. Under options click on the icon with the envelope that says “Digitally Sign Message” Send message. NOTE: Before you can encrypt email your friend will have to receive a digitally signed message from you then from that message they will have to add you to their Outlook contacts. This will also save your public key with the contact. Once they have done that send a secure email by clicking on the icon with an envelope and blue lock icon (under the digitally sign message icon). Also note that the recipient must be using Outlook to read encrypted mail if you use the process I posted above. If they login to a web based account they will not be able to read your message because the Comodo security keys do not work with webmail (i.e. there is no way to download your public key to a webmail service and the public key is the only way to decrypt the message you send).


You should also checkout the FAQs etc at: http://support.comodo.com/