Where is Link to download latest beta which wiill run under Win 7 RC?

Good People,

I’m anxious to once again use Comodo CIS. I have Win 7 RC installed and have been informed that the latest beta is doing well under Win 7 RC.

I’m a glutton for punishment and would like to download latest but am not sure of the link that I need.


The first post has links depending on 32 or 64 bit.

For me I basically just right clicked the installer and picked run as administrator. In any following windows pop ups I checked the box for always trust Comodo.

Then In Windows manually disable windows firewall and defender (some leave defender running).
Also disable notifications otherwise you get bugged about no firewall.

Because of being a new install I put Defense + in Training mode to learn everything for a while.
After a couple of reboots all settled in nicely.
Now running Firewall Custom, Defense+ Safe Mode, AV Statefull.


Bad Frogger,

Many thanks for the llink and I’ve downloaded.

Will get back later with results and thanks for related your install advice which I’ll follow.


Bad Frogger,

Just an update. Install and subsequent updates ran flawlessly. So far all is well.

Oh yes, is the leak test still valid for Win7 RC and the latest Comodo RC?


Yes, I Score Aces on CLT, with my settings. Lots of pop ups to block mind you.


How can I resolve that?My comodo is with the latest updates.Win 7RC1x86



Looks like this will become an issue with Windows Vista as well:

So?What am I supposed to do?And…Is really my database the latest?!? ???

Miscellaneous tab | Check for Updates

Thanks. I has done it and now no problems with comodo rc 2 and windows 7 rc 1.

Now Comodo is a free internet security software for windows 7.

Congratulation to comodo developers!


(:CLP) (:CLP) (:CLP)

I tried 1000 times,but nothing changes.
edit:I lied.It’s changing.Going worst.


So If I Read Correctly, Vista Will Use This New API Too From September?

Hope CIS Moves Fast On It, Novice Users May Freak Out Thinking There Not Protected.

So according to that link, the AV vendors have known about the new API since the release of Vista SP1 over a year ago. How come Comodo still haven’t integrated it so we wouldn’t be in this position with Windows 7 (and soon to be on Vista as well!)

Maybe the reason is to maintain XP compatibility. I’m guessing that XP won’t be getting the new API, so I guess that in a while, Comodo and other AVs will need to support both APIs if they want to remain compatible with XP, Vista & Win7.

I PM’d Egemen asking when he expects to have this resolved.
Note too, that developers have an 18-month grace period which ends in September.
Yes, the database version is the latest. It is the reporting format that needs to change, not the database.

When Vista was released to RTM, it had been in the hands of developers for over a year. Despite this, it took some vendors over 6 months to release Vista-compatible software (and this includes quite a few hardware drivers >:(). The same had occurred when XP was released, although the lag was shorter. I think the software/hardware vendors are getting lazy. Each new OS version uses some API extension over the previous version, and a version test can help use the proper one. Of course it would be nice if Microsoft would allow older APIs to continue being used, but at least there’s still some compatibility left, unlike Apple’s OSes…

Like any vendor, M$ will push their new technology to be used. I suspect the end result will be better suited going forward.

Are you sure? Is there the download link for the latest BETA version of CPF ???
Because i don’t see any link, only another thread of this forum.
Please, where can I download the latest version of CPF.


CFP is now CIS. The links have been removed from the Beta section. I believe this is due to the public release being scheduled for tomorrow.

:frowning: I run the Windows 7 RC and need the latest version of CIS.
Ok, I wait.

Can I transfer my Vista license to Windows 7? I have a 2-year subscription and will no longer run Vista?