Where is File Groups?

Where can I find file Groups? (See Image)
I get this message when I try to remove one of the files in computer security policy.
I try to see where this option is but can’t find it anywhere.
Another thing why doesn’t COMODO theme aplies to this message, the message is displayed with windows theme why is that?
Some sort of bug?

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my question is why are you trying to remove a windows file that should be protected by CIS from CIS?

Why would i want cavscan to be in these files groups altough i haven’t installed cav, or why should lsass or msiexec be in a group where i can’t monitor what they allow or not, the last two being potential security threats even when so monitored?

I also think that one should be able, as an advanced setting, to decide what to do with, e.g., system files or windows updating files.

You can remove if you wish you just have to go to File groups, and remove them.


just playing around with the features ;D,I am running it in a Virtualbox so its no biggy. And it’s a Beta anyways checking if all the buttons work. :smiley:

Anyway my questions still unswered.

Where can I find file Groups?
Should the Message box be displayed with windows theme or shall I report it as a bug?

Click on the “Windows System Applications” and then select Remove.

Look under Defense + → Computer Security Policy → Protected Files and Folder → it is the button at the bottom on the right side.

thanks :wink:
It would be better if the message said something like “Use the option Groups under Defense + → Computer Security Policy → Protected Files and Folder” This way everyone would be footed in the right direction.

It surely is cryptic and could do with a change.