where is blocked/allowed plugin information stored?

I was running abode flash in ask to activate mode. I must have hit the allow button by accident on the toolbar when I was on youtube. Once you hit allow the toolbar never pops up again. If I totally disable flash it will default to HTML5 but if flash is in ask to activate mode it will default to flash. I tried deleting flash and reinstalling it but it didn’t work. Anyone know how to change that?

Hi and welcome iforgot,
Deleting the ‘permissions.sqlite’ file found in the following location should solve the issue.
Note: Deleting this file will reset all previous set site permissions.

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I couldn’t find the appdata folder for some reason. I uninstalled icedragon and reinstalled it and it works good now.

Hi iforgot,
Good to hear the issue is solved. :-TU
Depending on the operating system and settings, you may need to select ‘Show hidden files, folders, and drives’ from the folder options to see this location.
Show hidden files-Microsoft

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