Where is Basic Popup Logic?


This is really idiotic… but I’ve searched help, knowledge base and the forum…

I was trying to “tighten application rules” because I use uTorrent which needs an open port. Instead of closing it in every old and new application, I would prefer every application had is ports selected…

Nevertheless, I’ve searched a lot.
In Security, Advanced, I find three “tabs” but no “Basic popup logic” or “Automatically approve safe applications”.

I find: Application Behavior Analysis, Advanced Attack Detection and Prevention and Miscellaneous…

Where is the rest?

Sorry for the newbieness…

Hi ynanm,

I’m not in front of my machine so I am working from memory.

Under the “Miscellaneous” tab, I think the second entry from the top has to do with COMODO approved safe apps. If this is ticked you will not see popups for the approved apps.

If you are looking to approve ports for each app you need to keep this unticked and raise the warning slider to the second notch from the top. This will prompt for permission for each app. You can give an app permission (tick Remember my choice) and then edit the ports in Application Control panel for each entry.

I hope this helps.


And for the pop-up logic, I think they change the name to “Alert Frequency Level”.
It’s on the Miscellaneous tab too.

Oh! There it was!..

Yes, that’s it!
They changed to Alert Frequency Level…
I misunderstood the meaning of this option!
I thought it worked like ZoneAlarm, just to keep you posted of what was happening!