Where does Comodo Firewall store it's config data?

Suddenly my Comodo Firewall doesn’t seem to remember any of the configuration settings assigned to any of my programs. Though oddly enough it seems to remember my custom rulesets and network zones - just not how these are applied to my individual programs.

The good news is that I have an external HDD upon which my PC makes a daily backup of my computer’s contents, so I’m sure that somewhere I have a valid copy of my old firewall configuration. I just need to know where it is and where it needs to be copied to.

Can somebody please tell me where Comodo Firewall retains it’s configuration? Thanks :slight_smile:

comodo’s configuration settings is stored in the registry, but you can export your current config and save it to a file by going to general settings > configuration then select the active config and on the bottom click the up arrow and choose export.

Well, that’s a little more inconvienient then I’d hoped, but still workable. I had to do a system restore, exported the good firewall config (and copied the registry just to be on the safe side), then undid the system restore to return the rest of my system to it’s currant state and then imported the saved Comodo config.

Now I just have to hope that doing and then undoing a system restore hasn’t caused any other problems.

In any case, thanks for the tip! :smiley: