Where does Comodo comes from or going to?

I don’t understand Comodo’s business model.

I object to paying large site licenses for poor quality AV software of the well known vendors, that never seems to catch anything.

I’ve installed Comodo AV, which satisfies my needs (though it’s unnecessarily complex for a simple AV program), but I want to be able to control signature updates, and have an internal update server to save problematical site firewall configuration AND bandwidth.

If only Comodo could get this sorted out, and offer a basic support at a basic price!

Read this statement by Comodo’s CEO: Why offer products for free?.

Comodo AV has D+ enabled by default. D+ complements the AV. D+ is a powerful tool but does have a learning curve but D+ being a HIPS (Hostbased Intrusion Prevention System) it is capable of giving strongest of protections.

The upcoming v4 will have a behaviour blocker to help reduce the amount of alerts in default mode. Don’t expect it before the end of the year.

If you have a server running on your local network you can try Comodo Endpoint Security Manager. In CIS you can then add the ip address of your local server for updates if I understand corretly.