Where do I stop Comodo when installing other programs

I have had Comodo for some years but when I got computer problems I had to take it away and then install it again. Then I got a totally new program. Now when I need to stop the program for some reason I can´t find where? In the old program I just put it on stop in the first page and it was it. Now I can´t find it. I tried different ways but nothing works. Have been looking everywhere but don´t find any help. Anybody who can help me with this simple question?
Satellit from Stockholm, Sweden.

You don’t need to stop it. Just use install mode. Open up Comodo and click on “switch to install mode”. Also read here under important topics. Tells you all you need to know.


(:WAV) welcome
well,i’m not sure why do you want to do that :THNK
but if you’re sure to disable CFP 3. right click on CFP3 systray icon, and choose “disable” on “defense+ security level” (to stop Defense+) or “firewall security level” (to stop the firewall).