Where do I enter my licence key?

I just made a purchase of Comodo Internet Security Pro 8, paying through bluesnap online.

I received my email with licence key, downloaded and installed using the link provided and then wanted to enter my licence key.

I was unable to find any field to do so, so decided to try the Geekbuddy option, where I was met with a level of incompetence that was staggering and unfortunately about as helpful as a chocolate fire guard.

Can anybody please advise further as for a first time Comodo user, it sure has been a frustrating experience.

Hi and welcome bluesmanuk,
See if the help link below helps.

If you do not see the subscription option that is shown in the link above, please go to the about screen found by expanding the options under the question mark located at the top right corner of the home screen.

Kind regards.

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Thanks for the reply captainsticks.

Unfortunately there was no option anywhere for licence activation.

After the first support person failed to even understand the problem, preferring instead to try and sell me more product, I installed it again, noting that there was no option to uninstall it and the licence activation link came up but then had a problem activating because it said there was no internet connection, despite me being able to have a Geekbuddy chat, proving the error to be incorrect.

So I then had somebody take over my PC, watching them flail in attempt to get it activated, changing and removing settings on my machine that they should have sought permission to do first, eventually leaving me hanging on the chat box with no response coming from them.

In the end, I found that whilst there was no listing of Comodo in the add/remove programs in Windows, uninstalling the custom browser then enabled the main program to be shown, at which point it then failed to uninstall correctly because of supposed permissions to folders, which wasn’t the case after a reboot.

Then I cleaned up every trace of Comodo in terms of folders and files and the registry before re-installing and finally being able to activate successfully.

2 and a half hours of sheer frustration that should not have been present and for a first time Comodo experience, not a good one, so I hope that the working product fairs better than the initial experience.