Where default details plz?

I want to return to the default Network Control settings for custom setup (without re-install). Where do I find those specific details, to put in?

Thank you for a wonderful product.

Look in the Security | Advanced section. Theres a button there called “Restore”. Pressing this will default your Firewall. Atleast thats what the manual says, hehe :slight_smile:

Hope this helps

Then I might as well re-install … :-[

Don’t reinstall yet, James. I am confident that someone posted the details of the default rules; I will see if I can’t find that post for you. When I do, I’ll link it in here.

That “Restore” button is ONLY for that Advanced page - the ABA, Advanced Attack Detection/Prevention, and Miscellaneous.


Yata! I found it! Here’s your default Network Control Rules

I think that rule 5 should be “block” in that link provided by Little Mac.

I think UR probably right, AOwl. Looks like probably a transcription typo; I didn’t look at the details, I just copied the link… :slight_smile:

I had been over in another thread, reading the Swedish posts, and was just happy I found the necessary link for this topic. :wink:


Thank you! Great forum!

No problem! Glad I could help you out…