Where are they stored??

Hi All,

Does anyone know where CTM stores its snapshot on the hard drive?

I am trying to find out where the program puts the back-up files when it has made its snaphot … I wanted to copy the files and put them on an external hard drive just in case of a fatal crash on the laptop …

Thanks for any hlep


Please see https://forums.comodo.com/help-ctm/storage-requirement-t51720.0.html;msg369012#msg369012

The snapshot data is NOT stored as a file that you can copy. It is RAW datya written to the disk with its own raw driver, bypassing the Windows routines. Windows does not know about the snapshot data and therefore cannot copy it anywhere.

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You can create a raw disk image using something like Active[at] Disk Image or Paragon B&R which will copy all the data including CTM snapshots to a backup archive.Bear in mind though the archive will be the same size as the disk you’re imaging since this type of imaging copies every sector whether it contains data or not.

You know something, it amazes me - ;D … no matter what you ask on these forums, someone always seems to know the answer and prepared to take the time to help :-TU

Thank you for your replies, I appreciate it