Where Are My Downloaded Files?

This has happened more than once using CID.

I do graphics work as a semi-hobby and download working files zipped. They are multiple split rar files. The downloads are going fine and complete and I right click and clear, but later I check the downloaded folder and only some of them are there. I do a windows search and windows search is about useless for me. I tried doing the *.rar search and it simply closes the dialog slot.

Can someone tell me where my files went and why CID told me it was downloading and they aren’t even there? There is nothing wrong with my computer that I can see…so where the heck did CID put them, if it downloaded them at all? I’m puzzled?

Have you tried checking your download history? Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+J to open up your download history. Right-click on a file you’re interested in and select ‘Open Containing Folder’. See image1 below. This should bring up Windows Explorer showing you the location of the downloaded file. See image2 below.


[attachment deleted by admin]

Yes…the archive was a large video game graphic working files one split into more manageable sizes.

I had downloaded several pieces and added the remainder to the download list. Then I right clicked and cleared completed downloads…thinking everything was ok.

When I start to do the extract, not all the files were there. Ones I had downloaded and had cleared. The download folder only contained the last ones started…not the ones I had cleared.

I did not hit delete trying to clear the list…that would not have happened. I did the clear completed selector properly.

My computer is fine… Sys monitors showing optimum ranges. The windows search found nothing.

it’s ok…i got the files again. Maybe there was some glitch that associated the clear completed with the delete. About the only thing I can figure…given other factors. My mouse may have caused it without notice.

Thanks for the response…guess I can count it as naughty mouse.