Where are CIS 6 Defense+ Exclusions?

Can someone help me find Defense+ exclusions? I’ve looked 20 times and find nothing!

I did find the Antivirus exclusions, so I’m not totally incompetent. ;D


Just go advanced task,open advanced configuration, then go to security settings, defense + settings,click on hips then behavior blocker, finally click on define exceptions for behavior blocking.
IO believe that’s it. i haven’t used it but let us know.

That’s it! Thanks so much.

What a maze! That setting should be right on top. I won’t be telling my friends and relatives about CIS 6, it’s suited only for geeks. Very patient geeks!

Thanks again,

No Problem. Yeah it’s a maze but it’s rock solid and so fast. I love Comodo Dragon browser as well it’s the bomb. But your are right Comodo firewall is just for geeks. but the browser my dad loves.


Yes, I like Dragon too. Wishing for a portable version. Using Maxthon 4 Portable, it’s very Chrome-like.

When I Installed Comodo Dragon it asked If I wanted a Portable version or not and i said no.
here’s the dl link for maybe when you install cis 6 2674 as a premium suite it doesn’t give you that option but when you install it yourself with the stand alone installer it does.I would uninstall just dragon if i were you and re install with this installer.it won’t hurt CIS that’s for sure and yes the kiosk will still work just fine don’t worry.
One thing I Do not Know that should be clarified is what version cis 2674 premium installer installs of comodo dragon.in the pas it’s always been an older version so always installed just the firewall and used this installer or uninstalled the old version of comodo dragon that was installed and did a clean install with this installer.



Also make Note that Ice Dragon has a Portable install choice When installing. It’s Comodo’s more secure and faster plugin compatible version of firefox.