When will we have x64 support?

My friend got me started on the Comodo firewall, I first installed it on my Dell E1505 notebook which runs XP Media Center Edition and it’s way better than the Windows firewall and Zone Alarm free edition that i was using. But, I’m really wondering when there will be a Comodo firewall that is supported in Windows XP x64 because I use it on my desktop and I currently don’t have a firewall for it other than the Windows firewall and this firewall is too awesome to not have x64 support :slight_smile:

it is in our development roadmap.

fingers crossed by the end of the year…


(V) Comodo is the first Anti-Virus that work ‘sort off’ on my Win XP Pro X64 machine. As soon as you ‘develop’ this X64 support, I’ll be the first to buy this program. Please hurry up, because all the ‘big’ names just ignore requests for development of software on the 64 bit platforms.

Strange how quickly programs got developed when 8 bit became 16 bit. I can still remember that days, and I know I reveal my age, but there was anxious moments as the new DOS version became available. 16 bit became 32 bit without much fanfare, and now there is a sudden stubbornness to switch over to 64 bit. Why?

This is fantastic news! :BNC

I am just switching to XP64 and I was dreading the thought of having to purchase Outpost again (with its bizarre, poorly designed rules dialog and other long standing problems that the stubborn developers refuse to fix). I was going to buy Outpost because it’s the only half-decent firewall that’s available for 64bit systems.

To be honest, even on 32bit systems the choice of Firewalls is not that great from a quality point of view, and Outpost got my money purely because it was the lesser of many evils.

Now that I know that a native 64bit version of Comodo is already in development, I can look forward to using a properly designed user friendly firewall on my XP64 system instead. ;D

Hi Jan,

I use Avast free version for 64bit and it works fantastically. Give it a try, it automatically updates the software and vps, so you never have to do anything again. You just re-register once a year.


Huh? ???

Avast is an Anti-Virus application, not a Firewall.

Oh I see!

You quoted my message by mistake (you meant to be replying to Jan)

You had me really confused for a moment there.