When will we have COMODO Antivirus for Linux 2024?

It’s already November !!!

Hi Henrique_RJ,

Thank you for reporting.
The CAVL development is discontinued and there is no plan to build new version at the moment.
We will update you as soon as we get update from the team.


But I was assured that there would be a new version of CAVL for 2024.

Hi Henrique_RJ,

Ok, let me check with the team and update you.


Is there a new version for 2024 or not after all ?

They said there would even be CIS for Linux.

Searching the forum, while there was speculation from a user or two, I can’t find any record of confirmation that CAVL will be further developed ore released. Also, it’s sub-topic was moved to Discontinued Products some time ago.

Hopefully the Comodo / Xcitium Team will confirm but last official CAVL was 10 years ago.


CIMA is not discontinued its integrated in Xcitium Verdict Cloud and works perfectly like 10 years ago

This topic is regarding Comodo Antivirus for Linux not Comodo Instant Malware Analysis.

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I know but i am saying CIMA/XIMA is integrated in Xcitium Verdict Cloud and works perfectly
Unknown (4)
Dynamic Analysis

What is “CIMA/XIMA” a Comodo product for Linux?

I imagine that whoever reads these lines will understand nothing.

Neither do I :laughing:

Xcitium Instant Malware Analysis(XIMA) also called XAMAS(Xcitium Automated Malware Analysis System) Static and Dynamic Analysis

Hi Nik123 :vulcan_salute:

Thank you very much for your super quick response!

But is it a free or opensource product like Comodo OpenEDR and can be installed via rpm or deb or something else?

Well… we’ll see if the final version of beta 2024 produces a Linux version…

I don’t really believe it…


Yes Xcitium Valkyrie is free and you can upload any file and it will tell you if its malware or not

Thanks for the advice, even if it’s not exactly what I’m looking for.

We’re not far from virustotal’s questions with that…

Personally, I would like a Comodo CIS in RPM for my latest Fedora :sunglasses:

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That’s it: the proposal is made!