When will the next major update be for Comodo Internet Security?

When will the next major update be for Comodo Internet Security? 3.9.95478.509 to ??? :-TU Upgrade to version to better interface and no unfinished business to attend too. When will Comodo CIS be fully functioning product with out gaps. ???

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Hmmm… CIS is fully functional. The AV still needs some work, but it’s functional. What gaps do you feel there are?

Just Look at Norton anti-virus interface or Norton Internet Security Better design.

Vs 4.0 will have a new look for everything but it will most likely come at the end of the year! (i have seen it and it looks very nice and user friendly)

3.10 will come out soon in the comming weeks, it will have a much stronger AV! :-TU

I wonder if 3.10 will require or recommend a clean install like 3.9 did. Hopefully it will be able to be done through the updater.

I dont think it will need a new install since, well its just bug fixes and the adding of Family signatures!
So nothing major will change!

I believe the changes made for 3.9.xxx.509 were preliminary to this release so an upgrade from within CIS should be possible.

Indeed the changes for 3.9 anticipated the coming of family signatures with its successor.

… you’re comparing security software by how nice it looks? Wow, you sound like my wife

Thats nothing weird, visuals define most of the decisions made by all users. Hell, i’m advanced user and if something looks unprofessional from a visual perspective, i’ll never have full trust into that program.
But then again, whats wrong with current design of CIS? I like it’s interface and overall design. There are just few minor fixes required and it would be great. But if you constantly change major interface designs, you’ll never ever have them trully polished.

;D :-TU


I hope 3.10 fixes the issue with Vista SP2 Security Center and Win 7 Action Center protocols. -_-

That’s the whole reason why COMODO is changing the GUI. It’s a great GUI for experienced users, but novices are clueless. The new GUI will be aimed towards both groups. :slight_smile:

Read the text with contexdt, not out of context. I was talking about interface there, not the ease of use. Which to be honest will never be any easy. Not with D+. And you can make huge icons and flashy buttons and it’ll still be the old D+. So i see no point in doing that.

I was simply answering your question. The interface is obviously related to the ease of use towards users.

Exactly, an easier to navigate and use GUI and a greatly expanded trusted vendors list are very much needed.

Is that to do with the new API, when it says reporting status to security centre in a unknow format (something along those lines) if so i would of thought that would be last minute, so it can keep compatability with XP. ???

Yeah. That’s because of the new API. :slight_smile: Basically, the devs just need to have an if statement in the code: If windows XP use old API, else use the new API, then they would have compatibility with XP. I doubt it’s as simple as the way I wrote it there, but that just gives the general concept. Vista SP2 and Win 7 have the new API, in fact, Win 7 doesn’t even have the unknown format message, it just doesn’t display anything. SP2 has the message to warn users and contact their provider, but since Win 7 isn’t out yet, they just completely removed the old API code since by the time it’s out, the software should be compatible. :slight_smile:

The new security center is in Vista but there is a grace period of 1,5 year after the installation of SP1 in which security program makers get time to adapt to the new situation. So the first users will get affected by this per September this year.