When there are updates

When there is a new version of the CPF alpha, will I have to download / install the update or will cpf be able to download / install it on it’s own?

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The answers to your questions can only be given by the developers, anything else is a guess. Previously, the advice given was to uninstall prior versions before installing the latest alpha/beta. Providing they don’t fiddle too much with the internals, you could export your existing ruleset, uninstall, reboot, install and re-import your ruleset and finally reboot. Not too painful a process.

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Current alpha can’t export its settings (:SAD)
Has lost some of the default/predefined rules (:AGY)
And I guess the current data will not be compatible until a late beta version is available (:WIN)

I too am looking forward to the next alpha as even with its current faults and “missing” features I prefer it to the alternatives. :Beer

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Although the current alpha can’t export its config, you can export the registry keys as a form of config backup. The required registry branch is;


If your install of the alpha has dropped its predefined rules, what you can do is 1) uninstall the alpha, 2) reinstall the alpha so the pre-defined rules are restored, 3)export the registry branch immediately after installation.

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