When the bugs get flushed out I'll be replacing Avast with Comodo Antivirus

I love Comodo Firewall Pro and If they can make a firewall as great as the one they have now I have no doubt that the antivirus will be as good as the firewall.

I don’t have much faith in new Antiviruses.

Anything else Comodo can leapfrog in front of existing products, except AVs which require a lot of investment.

A lot depends on not just the quality of the avs engine, but also whether they have the malware samples to create signatures. And the big boys typically don’t share with the newcomers. If you are a big believer in on demand AV tests like avcomparitives (among others), you definitely won’t use Comodo AVs because it is scoring very very poorly by all reports.

I don’t think anyone should replace AVAST with Comodo AV just about yet… lol.

Two things to remember, regarding Comodo’s AV…

  1. Melih & Comodo are aiming towards Prevention, rather than Detection (because Detection will never be able to keep up with virus changes & releases)
  2. At the same time they are working to build their definitions database up to continue to improve that aspect of it as well.

Ultimately, as a user, if viruses are prevented from running in the first place, do you really care if how good the detection by definitions rate is?

Keep in mind, I’m not saying that at this point CAVS should be your only defense; it’s not there yet. But Comodo’s focus is a little different than the others’. I know you’re doubtful on their capabilities, so you’ll have to wait and see how they stack up to their ambitious statements… :wink:


Well I’m not quite sure how it can prevent without detection! At least if you are talking about an AV whose main focus is still on signatures. if this part is never ever going to be up to standards you might as well just drop the idea of calling it an AV.

The HIPS component is fine and dandy, but that’s another matter.

And while I’m not one of the people who are given titles and are obliged to act as cheerleaders for Comodo in this forum regardless of the situation , I have no doubt that Comodo should be able to create a decent HIPS (though I haven’t had time to try it), after all their firewall is half way there already.

It’s their ability to create a conventional AV in the vein of AVAST,Antivir, AVG that I’m skeptical about.
And like it or not, when people say AV, they think detection and removal. Not HIPS “maybe it is malware, maybe it is not” prompts…

In a sense CAVS is kind of like spyware terminator, people who use it say it’s detection rate sucks, but use it for it’s HIPS really.

i use nod32 but as soon as CAV version 3 is out bye bye nod32 (:SAD) :BNC
(:CLP)GO COMODO (:CLP) (V) (S) (R) (CLY) (CNY) (CWY) (L) (M) O0

Same here ijking, i have nod32 but as soon as cavs 3.0 is released - so long nod32!

It will be interesting to see what happens to the AV market when cavs is released. If its as good as the firewall, then companies like norton & eset etc will be in trouble a few years down the line. Whenever i choose security software for my pc its got to be reliable & low on system resources which usually means paying for it, but seeing as cavs is going to be free & how many times ive installed/recommended cfp for my friends then who knows…

Prevention is obviously important but works only while the AV is running.
Detection allows removal of the threat, so that the threat doesn’t become active when the AV isn’t on.

Many installers say that running progs. should be stopped - I always do this for complex Progs. - so there’s a period when a virus could open. If the AV detects (and possibly removes) the virus the chance is far less.

I like the way that Avast! monitors the web and all traffic. It doesn’t seem to have any effect on speed either.

Prevention is better than cure and knowing what to prevent is better than dumb denial.

I have to admit I am firmly in the school of thought that says ask me if this thing should be allowed to run - as it is a lot better than discovering that I have a virus and now my entire contact list has it too.

Certainly I am not a fan of the nortons virus that seems to infect all new computers off the shelf and takes an hour or two to clean off.

I am of course looking forward to V3, but in the meantime need to have a mini rant about how much bandwidth CAV has chomped while submitting files to Comodo Labs. I understand this is a relatively rapid way to get a handle on what their users are running and gets signatures etc quite rapidly, but in South Africa where we pay per meg of bandwidth even on DSL this is really annoying and took me a bit of scratching to figure out why my bill was suddenly so high. At least CPF has the manners to ask if it is ok to submit a 190meg file (CAD installer) to comodo

Other than that I have changed from Avast to Comodo, just because Avast once again told me I had to register for another year. Yeah no big deal, but hell it gets annoying when my free AV actually keeps asking me to re-register (yes even once a year is too much for me, I want to register once and then forget it till next I have to build a machine from scratch)

There - my mini rant is over and I feel much better now (:LGH)


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