when language packs released

I choose the comodo firwall because it’s good (:CLP) and have many language support(in many forums area),
but when i install the lastest version of comodo firwall , the english is the only one language choice ,
we need the language packs of chinese traditional. thank you ~

Welcome :slight_smile:

In the future other languages will be added. COMODO is involved in many projects right now. :wink:

It’s taking time but will come…


Should not be a top priority.

But glad to hear it coming. (thou I still would use it in English).

Well, I am Chinese American, and i would like a Chinese lanaguage Pack, because it would have the potential to spread CIS to Chinese people across the globe (Mostly USA, Canada, Britain, Australia, China and Singapore (Ironically the most Chinese People ABROAD are in English-dominating Countries.)) It would also HELP stop the security software cracks and keygen created by Chinese people, thus helping security companies to spend less on detecting these, and wasting man and resource doing so. You did not realize this, and the bottomline is that the Chinese people are wasting on the security companies in the long run. Not taking an intiative on free Security Software for all main language will setback the secured Internet Comodo hopes for, because the illegal method for obtaining these is cracks and keygens, and they are malware by themselves. Free is thwarted by Greed (End User greed or hunger of a security software) unless Free has all the main languages. Any Questions? Comments? Criticisms? Or Concerns?

Can you translate Chinese? Not sure, but I think you can still help COMODO with translations or whenever they start with adding more languages.

I wish i could, but I am born in US, and i do not know the more complex chinese (:SAD)

I disagree with this. If you want Comodo to be famous worldwide, you need to have the programs in diferent languages. I have no problems with english, but what about other people…

wuliyen from kafan bbs has made a translated version of CIS.
But it’s hard code and can not use the AV component.

I’m glad to hear the language pack coming.
Hope it will be available soon after the next version of CIS come to final state.

Melih has read this thread, It’s just a matter of time. And off course there are plans for language packs.


Good, hiring someone to do the translation can’t be that expensive either since its not so mouch text, in the GUI.
But maby the help files will take some time… Cash.

Anyway, I would probably be willing to double check the translation to Swedish. Free of course.

You missed a couple, but should be second-class priority: Russian, Japanese and Greek, and some Slavic Languages, African Languages, as third priority.

Post some Language Pack Maker recruiting post on the International Forum.

I am ready for a translation to the Arabic language (:KWL)

how can I help in the translation to spanish? I install comodo internet security to my family members who only speak spanish and even though it is not that hard to understand what to do, I’d like to help with the creation of this language pack.



You should contact the lead translator of Spanish language and ask if he needs any help. The main thread for translators is COMODO - CIS 4.0.x Localizations and there you can find more information.