When is Valkyrie coming to CIS?

Just a simple question;
When is Valkyrie coming to CIS? I’m a little annoyed that I’m paying twice as much for CIS than a person would for COMODO Cloud Antivirus and they get this exclusive feature that isn’t present on its flagship product.

Is there a release date for when Valkyrie will he avliable for CIS?

Hi ColourShift,
We are working on currently finishing on CCAV side, where we can start giving SLA for a given unknown file seen by Valkyrie.
Once we have done that, we will integrate with CIS. Hopefully by 1st quarter of 2018.


Currently you do not miss anything … valkyria is technology that does not do much. difference.
You must tune it …
Think of it as you’re paying for a finished product and not being a lab rat.

Personally I hope that they join fast comodo cloud and Cis … Since that way they just have to tune a 1 technology and 1 product.